Paste checklists from the clipboard

You can easily add a checklist to monday by copying and pasting text from any source like a Word file, email, Slack thread, etc. 

Simply copy any multiline text and paste it into the Smart Checklist Input field. 

Please note, however, that multiline text will be rendered as raw text by default. This means that checkboxes will not be rendered unless you use proper formatting. 

Add a “-” at the beginning of every line before copying the text to the clipboard or after pasting it into the Smart Checklist Input field. Then paste the text and hit the Enter key or click on the button with the “+” sign. This way, every line will become a checklist item. 

Insert/Edit multiline text Rendered checklist
Copy multiline text (without formatting)

Copy multiline text (and add “-” at the beginning of every row)

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