Change item status upon checklist completion

Follow this guide if you’d like to automatically change the status of an item when a checklist is completed. An example of this would be changing the status of an item to Done.

  1. Access custom automations
    1. Click on the “Automate” button located on the upper right of your workspace

    2. Click on the "Create Custom Automation" button

  2. Choose a trigger
    1. Start typing “checklist” for the “When this happens” trigger. The Smart Checklist app should appear in the list. Select it.

Note: A “When checklist is completed” trigger will be added.

  1. Pick an action
    1. Select the “change status” option for the “Then do this” action

Note: “Then set status to something” action will be added.

  1. Select the condition
    1. Select the “Status” column from the list for the “status” field

    2. Select the “Done” status from the list in the “something” field

  2. Add automation to your board
    1. Click the “Create Automation” button

You’re done. This automation will be turned on by default. Now the status of an item will be changed to “Done” every time all of the checklist items are completed. You can also choose any other status for this automation. 

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