By default, Smart Checklist emulates all the permissions and user types you’ve already configured on monday, including:

  • Board permission
  • Column permission
  • Dashboard permissions
  • Workspace permissions
  • Account permissions

User types

You can configure and select who can use the features of Smart Checklist according to their user type.

Users with any of these roles (Admin/Member/Guest) can do any operation with Smart Checklist. However, a user with the Viewer role has limited, read-only access to Smart Checklist. 

Board permissions

This is how Smart Checklist emulates the board permissions by default:

Board permission Smart Checklist 
Edit everything on the board

Smart Checklist view can be added/edited/deleted.

Edit the board’s content without changing its structure

Smart Checklist view can be added/edited/deleted.

Only edit items or subitems that users are assigned to

Smart Checklist view could be edited for items/subitems that are assigned to a user. 

Smart Checklist view for other items/subitems is available in read-only mode.

Write updates on items only Smart Checklist view is available in read-only mode.

Board types

Smart Checklist is available on all types of boards supported by monday: public, private, and shareable.

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